• Best vodka sauce you can buy in a store and I’ve tried them all!!


  • Hey guys. A few months back you came to Highland Park Market up in our area giving free tastes of your sauces. It's been awhile, but I bought a jar to put over some stuffed shells, and man, it was like eating out at a five star restaurant. Really good stuff. An hour after dinner and I feel full, but without the body aches and digestive discomfort one gets from eating foods with inferior ingredients. Your sauce is most definitely made with the best stuff, because there's no drag on the systems. What a pleasure to find such a superior product off the shelf of our local grocery store! Unreal! The competition doesn't even come close. Well done, gentlemen...


  • This is the best way to get restaurant quality sauce at home, especially during a global pandemic. The vodka sauce is absolutely incredible


  • Growing up in New Haven, CT I grew up with the best in the country. I am very particular about my red sauces and know a good sauce from the first taste. Giuseppe Miguel's blew me away from the first taste. In fact, my girlfriend who never liked red sauces, tried Giuseppe's and loved it...she will only eat Giuseppe's and looks forward to our red sauce nights to the point where our meal is a bowl of red and fresh ciabatta rolls with butter!


  • Aromatic and delicious! Great sauce!


  • My Mom and I had gone into Shop Rite on Shippan Avenue Stamford to go shopping and it smelled Soo good! So we went looking for the smell. And there was the nice young man heating up the sauce. He said it was his Dads recipe and asked us if we wanted to try it? We did and I bought 2 jars that day and my hubby and I buy it all the time! It’s the Best!! Thank you fir being there that day because I never would have known just how Delicious it was!!

    Sherry Celis

  • Whenever I'd buy a jar of sauce I've always had to put my touch to it with seasoning so it would taste alright. Not anymore, finally I can make a quick easy meal with a delicious sauce straight out of the jar how it comes. Thanks Joe!


  • Grabbed a jar at Mohegan Suns Home & Garden expo. I did not expect it to be soooo good. I use it for everything. Haven’t seen it locally so I will purchase online.


  • Had my mom bring a few jars to Spain. I wish it was available in the markets here. Being so close to Italy, we have great sauces here, but none in comparison to this one. I’d give it more stars if I could!


  • I was in Shoprite in Stamford on Sunday and went past your tasting station without stopping AND CAME BACK because the smell was like I was in my grandmother's kitchen. I bought 2 jars yesterday ... Made pasta with your marinara sauce for my family last night .. wasn't a bite of pasta left. I've recommended it to several of my coworkers already ... best sauce I've ever had!!!! I'm going to have to run back to the store and get more .. once people try it, it will fly off the shelves. THANK YOU FOR COOKING FOR ME!!!


  • Absolutely love this sauce.......Had it for the first time last week.......great taste.
    Thank you.


  • Never making pasta without some Giuseppemiguels Sauce! Absolutely amazing!


  • Definitely 5 stars!!! This sauce and hearty and delicious. Amazing with every bite.


  • This sauce is delicious! Served over Penne. Its thick enough to use a fork, so many flavors. Reminds me of my grandmothers!


  • Incredible, sauce!!! My son who dislikes sauce thought it was the best ever! So good you can eat it cold with a fork!


  • My family loved the sauce. It was so rich in flavor. the ingredients were great quality. We tried both the marinara and the meat sauce and they were equally as delicious! I would recommend the sauce to family and friends.


  • just made angel hair with your meat sauce. Really good!


  • I always have to doctor up the store brand sauces to make them taste better. Giuseppe Miguel's sauce is the FIRST sauce perfect right out the jar. Its not acidic, has a nice boldness to it and body. Will definitely be buying more.

  • The sauce is amazing, I am a proud maker of Sunday Sauce and Giuseppe Miguels is right there with the best of them! Plus the owner is a great man, I am happy to support a friend living his dream

  • Love the thickness and taste of this sauce. Glad I tried it - sooo much better than Rao’s.

  • Every drop is heaven!

  • Delicious! My husband likes to over-sweeten sauce when he cooks, but I didn’t allow him in the kitchen! He said “it has a bit of tang” and then “I like it!” I agree with him whole-heartedly. We appreciate you using fresh garlic/onion too, because both of us have a tough time digesting the powdered versions. Plus it just tastes so much better!

  • Sweet and savory, delicious sauce - even for me... a spoiled Italian who group up on my Mom’s own (family) homemade sauce!

  • Incredible!

  • Delicious! I scraped the bowl after dinner just to get the leftover bits! SO GOOD!

  • This sauce is the right amount of thickness, flavorful, and delicious!

  • So thick when I turned the jar to pour it into a pan- nothing came out! Great tasting sauce!!

  • The sauce is the best I have ever had. It has a rich full flavor. We put it on pizza. Loved every bite.

  • Excellent sauce, thick and flavorful just like grandma use to make!!!

  • Delicious sauce! Awesome flavor! Can taste the love in every bite!

  • The sauce is soooo good. It has that depth and richness that makes you crave tomato sauce. I can eat this every day and never tire of it.

  • Perfect! Unbelievably delicious, and savory. This is the sauce you always wish you had, but never found. We will never buy another brand again!

  • Great sauce

  • You can tell that this sauce is homemade just by looking at it. Reminds me of Sunday dinners with Mi Famiglia.

  • Amazing sauce ! Great taste , goes great with pasta !

  • Amazing sauce. Creamy and tangy. Its a perfect blend of both!!

  • You can tell that this sauce is homemade just by looking at it. Reminds me of Sunday dinners with Mi Famiglia.

  • I tried the marinara and it was fantastic! Very flavorful and authentic tasting, like I simmered it on my own stove for hours. My picky Italian husband also thought it tasted delicious! Highly recommend if you want delicious sauce to complement your meal.

  • I absolutely love the meat sauce. Such a great way to beef up a meal. I would and have recommended this sauce to friends and family

  • Fabulous sauce. You won't be disappointed.


  • After being introduced to your sauce on Saturday from Highland Park Market in Manchester, we have just one thing to say: "this sauce is amazing!" Thank you for the love and care you've added to this product and we want to thank you for being a small business in our state!

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